Current on goings in Turnerland, KS

Hi all. It has been a long time. So I will tell you a little about what has been going on in our little neck of the woods.

Since the end of Summer 2016, life in has been a bit busy. Isaac been working his butt off at work. I think he likes his job as his bosses away him to do some of the cool chemical stuff that he learned in Missouri. In September, Isaac celebrated his “dirty” 36th birthday. Like a fine wine he just gets better with age…… giggles. In the past few months, he found out that he might be going to Korea next fall. I think he is excited about it, but would prefer a command. Isaac get what the Mil gives I guess. I guess I’ll get some stamps in my passport if he goes.

In August, I started school again thanks to contribution from the GI Bill. I am a senior at Kansas State University. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought but Chemistry II gave me a run for my money. Microbiology lab was great and I realized why I like biology and got a degree in it the first go around. I did okay last semester and know that I still have the ability to learn which is promising. Spring semester starts on January 19th and I am taking mostly Biology courses to include Virology and Immunology. Wish me luck because I have never taken a Virology course before.

This Christmas, we went to Chicago to pick up the munchkin and we headed to Cable,Wisconsin. We found a condo for dirt cheap and has a snowy Christmas. While we were there, it snowed like crazy. We got about 6-7 inches of snow. Minic was crazy about it and gathered a huge stash of snowballs which were buried by a snowplow, but in return he got a huge no fuss, no muss snow fort. We also got to see Minic in his lego building prowess. We got him a 408 piece kit and he had it build in about an hour. Maybe architecture is in his future…… like father, like son. While in the north, we also went up to Duluth, Minnesota. It is a beautiful area. Although the area was not very busy due to the holiday season, we found that the city aquarium was open and spent a couple of hours there. Minic fed some trout and had a great time. It was a pretty good Holiday. It was more about the time spent together.

As for our time in Kansas, we are growing to love it. The scenery is beautiful. One of our favorite past times when the weather permits is Disc golf. In 30 square miles, there are 8  course, but our favorite course is at Tuttle Creek State Park. It is a full 18 holes of disc golf fun. We recommend the game/sport to all.

For the most part we are having fun. I hope I can blog more and document the good times. Hope you all have a good day.

Love from Turnerland.


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Some of The Ongoings – December 26 to January 7

Friends, Family, Anyone…….. (crickets………) Lend me your ears (eyes)……….

Hi all,

This is a blog that I have started to catalog our journey. I am going to start by showing you what we have been up to since leaving the Northwest. This entry is a small snippet of the past year. First official blog entry starting……… Now. ( Blast off!)

Isaac....... happy.......

Isaac……. happy…….

I think most of you know that Isaac and I left JBLM for St. Robert, Misery¬† Missouri Late December 2014. We caravan’d about 2200 miles. We carefully planned our journey by the day at a Panera in Olympia, WA a couple weeks before. Our goal was to complete the trek in about seven days.

The road to Missouri were icy and maintenance was horrible. We checked the weather and saw there was a storm behind us so we were on a mission not to get caught in it. Below I have pictures of the road trip. Included are visits to Alabama and Chicago. I’ll let them do the blogging as I cannot remember much.


On the road again…


After a slow 350 mile day……. Nice looking dude…


Lunch at a Flying J in Cheyenne, WY….. (I think)


Some snowy place on I90


Sleeping at a truck stop…… somewhere out there


Battle of Little Big Horn


Battle of Little Big Horn


Battle of Little Big Horn


Battle of Little Big Horn


Battle of Little Big Horn


Battle of Little Big Horn


Battle of Little Big Horn


National Cemetary


Gas Stop in WY


Shelter from the storm in Butte, WY


One of a few Passes


Mountain Pass

Pretty bourbon barrel.

Pretty bourbon barrel.

Visit to Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.

Visit to Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.

Visited Mum.

Visited Mum.

Me as a wee baby.

Me as a wee baby.



Isaac and his new friend.

Isaac and his new friend.

Handsome guy in painting at Art Museum in Chi-town.

Beautiful painting at Art Museum in Chi-town.

Boys being bored... getting cultured.

Boys being bored… getting cultured.

Natalie entertained. Boys bored.

Natalie entertained. Boys bored.

Got the Kiddo a sporting haircut.

Got the Kiddo a sporting haircut.

Visited the Kiddo in Chi-town.

Visited the Minic the Kiddo in Chi-town.

Cool 12 Gauge shotgun from Uncle Jim

Cool 12 Gauge shotgun gifted to us from Uncle Jim

Hopefully next entry will have as many words as pics. Bye…..

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